Andros Research project

Dating of the relative sea level changes along the coast of Andros Island, Cyclades

The research project started in 2022, is conducted by the Society for the Study of Ancient Coastlines – AKTES, is funded by Mr. Spyros Polemis, and is expected to be completed within 2023.

Along the coast of Andros island, robust evidence of the relative sea level change, both geomorphological (beachrocks, marine tidal notches and terraces) and archaeological (submerged coastal structures, harbour works, walls, shipyards) has been recorded and previously published (see publications below). This research project aims at the detailed study of the geomorphological sea level indicators and the mineralogical analysis of beachrocks and radiometric dating of their formation. This results, in combination with the indirect dating provided by the archaeological sea level indicators, will enable us to accurately define the time of the inferred relative sea level changes and reconstruct the coastal landscape and the palaeogeographic evolution of the coast of Andros.


Dr Eleni Kolaiti (AKTES), Dr Nikos Mourtzas (AKTES), Dr Lydia Paliokrassa-Kopitsa (Emeritus professor NKUA).


  • geomatic surveys
  • recording of geomorphological and archaeological sea level indicators – depth measurements
  • underwater photography and video – production of audio-visual material
  • 2D reconstructions of the seabed and the coast
  • mineralogical analysis of beachrocks – absolute radiometric datings

Previous research papers

Mourtzas, N., 2007. Ancient harbour installations on the coast of Palaeopolis, in Palaeopoli of Andros: twenty years of archaeological research Lydia Palaiokrassa-Kopitsa (Ed.), 104-108.

Mourtzas, N., 2018. Palaeogeographic reconstruction of the coast of ancient Andros, in Palaiopolis, Andros: thirty years of excavation research Lydia Palaiokrassa-Kopitsa (Ed.), Κaireιοs Library, Andros, 56-66.

Kolaiti, E., Mourtzas, N., 2020. New insights on the relative sea level changes during the Late Holocene along the coast of Paros Island and the northern Cyclades (Greece). Annals of Geophysics, 63 (6), OC669,