Third International Scientific Meeting: “Archaeological Work in the Peloponnese” (AWOP3) (2-5/6/2021)

The Third International Scientific Meeting of the “Archaeological Work in the Peloponnese” (AWOP3) was organized online by the Department of History, Archaeology, and Cultural Resources Management of the University of the Peloponnese at Kalamata, 2 – 5/6/2021. The aim of AWOP3 was to inform specialists and the general public on archaeological work undertaken in the Peloponnese, the islands of the Saronic Gulf, Kythera, and Antikythera during the last three years, on the finds from recent excavations and other fieldwork, the results of recent studies of new or old material, as well as on work relating to the conservation and management of monuments and archaeological sites.

ΑΚΤES contributed two original presentations, which were approved by the Scientific Committee for publication as full papers in the proceedings of AWOP3 (2024).


  • Archaeological sea level indicators in the Argolic Gulf since the 14th century AD: Bourtzi Fortress, Myloi Lernas and Mylos Beach in Agios Andreas (by: Dr Eleni Kolaiti, Dr Aggeliki G. Simosi and Dr Nikos Mourtzas)
  • The ‘vanished port’ of ancient Asine: a geoarchaeological approach (by: Dr Eleni Kolaiti)


Book of abstracts