7th Symposium on Archaeometry of the HSA: “Archaeology – Archaeometry: 30 years later” (9-11/10/2019)

The Hellenic Society for Archaeometry (HSA) organized the 7th Symposium on Archaeometry, which responded to the long-standing and steadily increasing interest of archaeologists, historians, anthropologists, palaeo-environmental scientists and other specialists of similar directions to collaborate with specialized researchers from the fields of science on issues related to cultural heritage. It is commonly accepted that the fullest investigation of the existing as well as the emerging questions regarding the material remains from ancient Greece and the wider region can be achieved through the substantial synergy between researchers of various scientific backgrounds and expertise. The Symposium was held at Athens, Greece – Byzantine and Christian Museum, 9 – 11/10/2019.

AKTES contributed two original presentations to the special thematic session “Archaeoseismology, Palaeoenvironment, Absolute dating”, which were peer-reviewed and approved for publication in the proceedings of the 7th Symposium of the HSA (Archaeopress, 2023).


  • Progressive sea transgression during the Late Holocene in Vatika Bay (S Laconia, Peloponnese, Greece)
  • Aegean beachrocks as relative sea level change index point
    (by: Dr Eleni Kolaiti and Dr Nikos Mourtzas)

Conference program