MedGU-21: Mediterranean Geosciences Union, Annual Meeting 2021 (25-28/11/2021)

The Annual Meeting 2021 was organised by the Mediterranean Geoscience Union, which aims at creating a unique federation that brings together and represents the Mediterranean geoscience community specializing in the areas of Earth, planetary and space sciences. The conference invited research papers on all cross-cutting themes of Earth sciences. MedGU-21 was held at Istanbul, Turkey, 25 – 28/11/2021.

AKTES in collaboration with the Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology, Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir (Turkey) contributed an original presentation to the conference thematic session “Geomorphology, Geography, Soil Science, Geoarchaeology, Geoheritage and Marine Geosciences”. The presentation was later selected for publishing by Springer Nature and after peer-reviewing was published in the book series: Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation (2023).


  • Relative sea-level changes in the central Aegean from the Late Roman/Early Byzantine period onwards (by: Dr Eleni Kolaiti, Dr Nilhan Kızıldağ, Dr Harun Özdaş and Dr Nikos Mourtzas)